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Founded in 1999, Blazie is an internationally-recognised company based in the UK that provides digital accessibility solutions for organisations around the world looking to improve accessible technology for their users.

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Our Digital Accessibility Solutions

Assistive Technology Consulting

Whether your organisation is developing accessible applications, implementing accessibility standards, or taking its first steps to making itself accessible both for colleagues and customers, we can help put you on the track to becoming accessibility ready.Find out more

Comprehensive Accessibility Audits & Assessments

Accessibility should be baked into any application from the initial design stages to ensure anyone is able to use it. Carrying out audits of websites and software applications alike allows us to flag potential issues and blockers to accessibility and guarantee compliance.Find out more

Custom Assistive Technology Scripting Solutions

When assistive technology users are faced with an application that is not accessible, it can mean they are unable to perform their role at all. We specialise in providing scripting solutions for assistive technologies to make applications both accessible and efficient to use.Find out more

Accessibility Training

Accessibility training is about providing people with the knowledge they need to succeed. It is a misconception that only people new to a subject have something to learn, and that is especially true when it comes to accessibility. We can provide a range of different training services from end users to developers to arm them with the knowledge they need.Find out more

Why accessibility is important

The ONS has reported that about one in five people in the UK have some form of disability.

This means that accessibility will affect nearly 20% of your customers or workforce.

Accessibility is a procurement requirement and the cost of retrofitting an existing application to meet the accessibility needs of your customers or workforce can be time-consuming and costly.

We're here to help you consider accessibility from the outset of any project. Speak to us today about how we can help to make your products and services more accessible.

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Accessibility done right

Blazie promotes equality for workers with digital accessibility services that are right for your business.

We've kept pace with the ever-changing accessibility landscape, ensuring that our services are the best in the field of digital accessibility.

We work with organisations of all sizes to offer advice and implement solutions that work for everyone.

Employee working with magnification software on a laptop.


"Blazie has always been the first company I call."

Matthew Johnson, In-House Privacy Lawyer at Pinsent Masons LLP

"Blazie have been key to us delivering a number of successful releases on time and to desired quality... in very challenging circumstances."

Alan Woods, Quality Manager for Retail Digital X at NatWest

"Often when things seem impossible, Blazie will find a solution to make applications useable. "

YuenHar Tse, Solutions Architect at Three UK

"I am unsure how I would have managed to work in the media industry without their invaluable input."

Ian Hamilton, Reporter and Presenter at BBC Scotland