For over twenty years, Blazie has provided digital accessibility solutions to organisations across a span of industries.

We are a highly experienced, exceptionally motivated team of digital accessibility specialists, internationally recognised for our expertise. We are passionate about making accessibility available for everyone, and not only to those who need it.

With its origins spanning back to the early 1990s, Blazie was first in its field providing digital accessibility in the UK. We consult with clients and provide hands-on support and training to end users as well as development teams, giving confidence to all users of assistive technology. Whether you want to discuss workplace adjustments, accessibility strategy and policy, website auditing, staff training or code-level solutions, we can provide straightforward professional advice.

If your organisation has an accessibility need, start a conversation with us today.

Blazie director Terry Clarke and the team at one of our monthly Techie days.

Meet the team

Photo of Terry Clarke

Terry Clarke


Terry is one of the founding members of Blazie going back to 1999 and was in assistive technology for several years before that following a career in software development and management. Terry now largely performs a technical consultant role, looking at assessing people’s job roles and then creating innovative solutions to enable them to complete those job roles with the same or greater efficiency as their colleagues. On a more strategic level, Terry also helps organisations with their digital standards and policies and is very passionate about ensuring that, from a technology perspective, we are all on a level playing field. Outside of work, Terry eats too much, drinks too much, watches too much football, and according to his partner buys too many books.

Photo of Tony Bergin

Tony Bergin


A founding member of Blazie, with a background in computer science and telecoms, Tony has been at the forefront of accessibility for over 25 years. An active member of the development team, Tony is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible. He loves nothing more than cuddling up to Microsoft’s latest guidelines on Azure server authentication for a little light bedtime reading. He will also take any opportunity to geek out and talk tech, preferably over a can of gluten free lager from his local microbrewery while discussing his favourite Star Trek film.

Photo of Kelvin Duncan

Kelvin Duncan


Kelvin is a director at Blazie and has been working in the accessibility and assistive technology field for nearly 20 years. Like the rest of the Blazie team, Kelvin is a passionate advocate for technologies which improve the lives of people with disabilities. Kelvin began his journey with us in 2008 and has included training clients on the use of assistive technologies, business development and, as of 2021, directorship. He has worked with civil servants, business owners, accountants and lawyers, and from various institutions including banks, universities, the NHS and law courts. In his spare time, Kelvin is a bit of a fitness fanatic and loves food (in keeping with his South African roots). Here’s a link to a rather unfortunately-named condiment that is often a feature at his summer braais.

Photo of Olly Anthony

Olly Anthony

Accessibility Trainer

Olly has worked in a range of industries both in the UK and abroad but has been working in accessibility for just under five years. His warm and friendly personality along with his keen attention to detail serve him well in his current role, which includes training users on how to use a range of assistive technologies, as well as carrying out accessibility audits and scoping project requirements. Most recently, he has taken on some project management responsibilities as well. Outside of work, Olly is a keen baker and does his best to make sure his friends and family never go hungry at parties.

Photo of Chris Towers

Chris Towers

Accessibility Engineer

Chris is an accessibility consultant who has been working in the field for over five years. Before joining Blazie in 2018, Chris obtained a master’s degree in biochemistry from Cardiff University and worked in cancer research. He now specialises in WCAG auditing and helping to create processes for businesses to build accessible websites. He has extensive experience with accessibility in the financial sector. Known by his colleagues for his approachable and genial personality, his hobbies include regular acting at improv comedy shows and performs stand-up comedy.

Photo of Katherine Turner

Katherine Turner

Accessibility Trainer

Katherine joined Blazie in 2021 as an Accessibility consultant, having worked in the accessibility field for over 10 years. An effervescent and caring person, she has a passion for technology, specifically to assist those who would usually feel that it is outside of their capabilities. She trains people in the use of assistive technology and tests in-house scripts to ensure they are usable rather than merely accessible. In her spare time she volunteers with Girlguiding UK as part of the 2nd Purley unit, and will be receiving her 20-year service award in 2023. You can follow her unit’s activities by visiting their Facebook page.

Photo of Nick Towers

Nick Towers

Accessibility Engineer

The youngest member of the team, Nick has been working for Blazie since mid-2021. With a master’s degree in mathematics from Warwick University, Nick is a problem solver by nature and quickly gained an appreciation for accessible technology. Working primarily with JAWS scripting and web accessibility, Nick has provided solutions to large conglomerates and smaller private enterprises alike - a variety that has kept him on his toes. In his spare time, he enjoys solving The Guardian’s daily crossword.

Photo of Neil Burge

Neil Burge

Accessibility Engineer

Neil joined Blazie in 2018 as a lead developer and Accessibility Engineer, and is responsible for our JAWS Teams Script solution. He has been working with JAWS and assistive technology since 2007. A cycling enthusiast, Neil maintains an online shop selling 3D-printed bicycle accessories.

Photo of Barry Webb

Barry Webb

Office Manager

Barry is the Office Manager here at Blazie and has been with the company since its inception back in April 1999. He is a valued member of the team, and his role is to manage all things admin, which includes order processing, diary management, invoicing, and payments. In his younger days, he was a keen participant of many sports, particularly cricket (his favourite cricket ground is the MCG). Nowadays, he spends his spare time taxiing his son to his various sporting events whilst consuming vast amounts of curry, KFC and Greggs sausage rolls.

Photo of David Viner

David Viner

Accessibility Trainer

David joined Blazie in 2024 as an Accessibility Consultant. He started his career in public libraries where he regularly devised and delivered a range of training courses for the business community. After moving into the private sector and working in a sales and marketing role, David started his own web design business. He brings a wealth of experience and a personable approach to training users on assistive technologies. Outside of work, David has recently returned to playing cricket and is currently captain of Staffordshire Wolves Visually Impaired Cricket Club.