Since 1999, Blazie has carried out innovative work in the accessibility field.

During that time, our services have kept pace with the ever-changing accessibility landscape, from writing custom scripts for screen readers to training teams of software engineers on the latest WCAG guidelines and HTML accessibility practices. We offer firsthand, practical advice developed from many years in the accessibility field. We assist organisations of any size to implement an accessibility strategy for the benefit of all staff.

Blazie director Terry Clarke and accessibility engineer Chris Towers discussing WCAG concepts.
Regardless of your organisation's current state of accessibility — whether you're in the process of building accessible applications, working towards integrating accessibility standards, or just beginning your journey towards creating a more inclusive environment for both team members and clients — we are here to guide you. With our expert consulting, we'll set you on the fast track to achieving your accessibility goals.
True accessibility should be a core consideration from the earliest stages of application design, ensuring that it can be used by everyone, regardless of their abilities. Through our rigorous auditing and assessment services, we meticulously examine websites and software applications to identify potential barriers to accessibility. Our objective is to ensure full compliance with accessibility standards, provide practical recommendations for improvements, and help you embed inclusivity into the heart of your digital offerings.
Encountering inaccessible applications can pose a significant barrier for assistive technology users, potentially limiting their ability to fully perform their roles. Recognising this challenge, we focus on creating custom scripting solutions for assistive technologies. These solutions not only make applications accessible but also ensure they are efficient to use, thereby enhancing user experience and productivity.
Accessibility training is about providing people with the knowledge they need to succeed. It is a misconception that only people new to a subject have something to learn, and that is especially true when it comes to accessibility. We can provide a range of different training services from end users to developers to arm them with the knowledge they need.