Accessibility Training

Training is possibly the most important part of what we do.

It allows us to have an immediate impact on an end user’s ability to do their job or undertake their studies which can make a massive difference to one person’s life. Technical support staff, who often have little or no exposure to assistive technology products, are not equipped to provide assistance to users with disabilities. Training ensures that IT support staff are able to provide the same level of service to everyone. It also gives us the opportunity to show developers how to make better, more accessible applications affecting positive change on a large scale.

End-User Training

Our experienced trainers provide both remote and face-to-face training to users on a broad range of assistive technologies including JAWS, ZoomText, Dragon, Read&Write, MindView, and many more. We understand that every user is different, so sessions start by getting to know them and their needs in order to fully tailor the training to them, ensuring they get the most out of every session.

Whether a brand new user who is starting from scratch, or an experienced user looking to better understand more advanced features, we ensure everyone finishes each session with new skills and improved confidence.

Audit Training

Carrying out WCAG audits is a specialised process that requires years of experience and accumulated knowledge and as such can be an expensive and time-consuming (but necessary) process. We can train your testers to carry out audits, showing them how to use automated software, but also how to carry out manual testing, focusing on common issues and easy to rectify problems. With internal staff who can report back on accessibility issues during the early stages of the development process, you can become more efficient and only consult more experienced testers for more in depth analysis.

Developer Training

For software development teams, accessibility requirements are seldom a major focus. This often leads to both minor and serious accessibility issues at the development stage, costing your business valuable time and money, and potentially costing you customers in the long run. We can work closely with development teams to create awareness of accessibility needs, show them how to overcome common accessibility problems, and give them the knowledge to create fully accessible software applications.

Accessible Document Creation

The documents your organisation creates may be visually appealing and seem well-made to one person, but for a person with a disability, they may be confusing at best and undecipherable at worst. We can help guide your content creators and show them how to ensure that everyone can understand the message you are trying to convey with your documentation.

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