Comprehensive Accessibility Audits & Assessments

In many cases, the first step to becoming accessible ready is taking stock of your current situation in order to understand where the problems lie, how seriously they will affect people, and crucially, how to remedy them.

Not only will we carry out expert assessments of websites, and applications (both mobile and desktop), but we will show you solutions to the problems.

WCAG Auditing

While in the UK, it is only a legal requirement for public sector bodies to meet WCAG criteria, it can prove extremely beneficial for any organisation. In 2020, it was estimated that in the UK the spending power of disabled people and their households was over £270 billion. Ensuring your website is fully accessible opens your doors to those potential customers. Our WCAG experts will test your website or mobile app, either in full or concentrate on particular areas, against the full set of WCAG criteria and provide you with details on any failures found. In addition, we provide you with code-level advice on how to remediate them. On request we can also assist in the production of an accessibility statement and accessibility road map.

Digital Assessments

If you have an assistive technology user on staff, whether a new starter or an existing member of staff, ensuring they have the right tools to be able to do their job is essential. We can carry out a full digital assessment of their role and needs then provide you with a report of our findings including the barriers the user(s) will face, and a set of recommendations for requirements, digital tools, and applications that would allow them to work effectively. In the case of applications used internally which are not accessible, we can also provide scripting work to make these accessible.

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