Making Websites Accessible for Assistive Technology Users

Making Websites Accessible


Custom software scripts to improve website accessibility for users with disabilities.

Audits & Assessments

Assessing web applications for accessibility and providing comprehensive feedback.

Assisting Your Developers

Working with your developers to make your web applications accessible.

We offer development services to make websites and web applications accessible. Whether your organisation uses bespoke, off-the-shelf, or internally-developed web applications, we can provide software scripts to improve accessibility for blind and partially-sighted users.

Utilising JAWS® Screen Reading Software and other assistive technology platforms, our team of developers will provide software scripts tailored to your users' individual needs. We can also offer general solutions for multiple users utilising the same website within an organisation.

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Often the first step in making a website accessible, we offer comprehensive audits and assessments for all websites and web applications. Our team will thoroughly assess your application to determine how to make it accessible to users with disabilities.

An assessment usually precedes any scripting or development work, and dictates the scope of each task in order to make a website accessible. We perform on-site and remote assessments of web applications for users with low vision or blindness. We then provide recommendations on how best to make the web application accessible to each user. Audits are used to determine compliance with general rules and practices for web accessibility requirements.

If you'd like to discuss an assessment of your website or web application, or are interested in an audit for compliance, contact us today.

Audits and Assessments

If your business develops websites and web applications in-house, we can assist your developers with making your applications accessible. From providing general accessibility guidelines and best principles, to making specific recommendations, we work closely with development teams of all sectors to deliver fully accessible websites and web applications.

By working with your organisation's developers, we can resolve accessibility issues before they appear in the production environment. This ensures that all users can benefit from full accessibility from the moment a website or web application goes live.

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Assisting Your Developers