End-to-End Consultancy for Assistive Technology Initiatives

End-to-End Consultancy


How to meet accessibility standards compliance in your organisation.

Packaging & Deployment

Best practices and guidance for software deployment, from development to production.

Training & Development

Accessibility training for users and developers.

Equality Act Compliance

Ensure your organisation meets the relevant accessibility criteria for legal compliance.

Standards compliance is important for all organisations. We provide consultation and guidance for how to address standards for accessibility within your organisation.

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Looking to upgrade an existing application? Is your development team getting ready to deploy a software application? We can help with accessibility throughout the software development lifecycle, from development and testing to packaging and deployment.

Avoid downtime and accessibility issues, speak to us today about how we can assist your organisation to implement software smoothly for all users.

Packaging and Deployment

Are your staff informed about accessibility? If your organisation employs staff with disabilities, it is important that staff understand how best to assist users of assistive technology. We provide training and consultancy services to all staff, including support and development teams, to ensure a better understanding of assistive technology users' needs.

Training and Development

Stay up to date with the latest legislation. We can assist with consultancy for Equality Act compliance and other legal requirements for employers and organisations. Ensure that your employees rececive every advantage.

Equality Act Compliance