Custom Assistive Technology Scripting Solutions

It is a sad reality that assistive technologies do not work effectively (or at all in some cases) out of the box with all websites and applications, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be made to work.

By scripting assistive technologies to work with your applications, you can be giving a person with a disability the opportunity to show their true potential.

Scripting Assessments

If you have a new or existing application you wish to make accessible, we can create a custom scripted solution which would resolve any accessibility and usability issues. Then help train the user(s) to make using the application as efficient as possible for them. The process will start with a full accessibility assessment of the application(s) and end with training to ensure your user(s) can be independent and productive.

Assistive Technologies

We have a proven track record of producing bespoke script solutions for the following assistive technologies:

  • JAWS
  • Dragon
  • ZoomText
  • Fusion
  • Supernova

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