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Introduction to Aria

Nick Towers

For some, the word aria might summon up images of Pavarotti or Paul Potts, in the world of digital accessibility, however, it plays a different tune. aria provides a way to produce an accessible experience for users of all abilities, allowing developers to work towards WCAG compliance without compromising on the look and feel of their site.

Understanding the Evolution: WCAG 1,2,3 and Beyond

Chris Towers

One of the main problems in a wide ranging and diverse field such as accessibility is finding new standards that can be consistently and rigorously applied to all websites. Especially, considering the huge range of technologies and platforms now available.

In Accessibility, Consistency is King

Olly Anthony

The alarm clock goes off and you struggle to open your eyes. Morning is here and you need a coffee to help deal with that fact. You get up and go to the kitchen like you do every morning. You open the cupboard to take out a cup, but to your surprise, you pull out a shoe! That’s not where the shoes are kept. The cups have always been in that cupboard. You know because you do this same thing every morning. Why has it changed? Where are the cups?


Unlocking Accessibility: The Power of Dragon

Katherine Turner

When most people hear the word “Dragon,” they might envision a mythical creature breathing fire and guarding treasure. However, in the realm of accessibility, Dragon takes on a different form, serving as a powerful tool that can revolutionise how we interact with technology. In this post, we’ll explore the multifaceted capabilities of Dragon and its potential impact on accessibility.

What is JAWS?

George Chapman

In a cinematic context, JAWS might evoke images of suspense and danger. However, in the tech realm, JAWS signifies liberation, opening up new possibilities for those who are blind or visually impaired. Imagine experiencing the internet not through sight, but through sound — this is the essence of JAWS (Job Access With Speech). This groundbreaking screen reader acts as a digital guide, audibly narrating the online world to ensure equal access and participation.

Navigating the Web with Clarity: The Importance of Proper Labelling for Web Accessibility

Nick Towers

Whenever a user reads a webpage, they need to understand what they can do with the page, if a user is filling in a form, how can they tell which field they’re in? There may be a simple prompt written next to the field, but if the user requires a screen reader, or is using magnification software, for example, they may not even know it is even there, let alone what they need to put in the box.

What in the World Wide Web is WCAG?

Chris Towers

For the uninitiated, WCAG can be quite intimidating. We give you a brief primer on what WCAG is, why it matters, and why it makes good business sense to include it in your web products and services.

Discover the New Accessibility Features in Windows 11: Make Your Computer Work for You

Katherine Turner

Accessibility is an important consideration when it comes to technology. For people with disabilities or impairments, simple tasks like using a computer can be difficult. Thankfully, Microsoft has made an effort to improve the accessibility settings in Windows 11. In this article, we will take a look at some of the accessibility settings available in Windows 11 and how they can be helpful.

Getting started with the Outlook Calendar using JAWS

Olly Anthony

Whether using it to keep track of your work meetings and tasks to complete throughout the day, or for personal use to not miss a doctors appointment or virtual catch up with friends, the Outlook calendar is one of the most fundamental tools that any of us will use on a daily basis. Here, we will introduce you to the basic features of the calendar, including how to navigate, how to create appointments, and how to reply to meeting invites so that you can get started with the Outlook calendar with JAWS.